Super Bowl Annual Golf Event 2020 at Redwood Canyon Results:

Group One: Highly competitive and judging by the scores, very well played; I got these Group One results from Lary while imbibing at Doolittle’s after the round.
Group Two: Competitive but only insofar as who would bring up the rear…. or take it up the rear…

Low Gross scores:

1) 93 Tim (47 + 46)
1) 93 Daryl (47 + 46)
3) 97 Lary (48 + 49)
4) 110 Dale (54 + 56)
5) 115 Mark C (54 + 61)
5) 115 Marty (57 + 58)
7) 120 Mark R (58 + 62)

Tim is claiming Low Net GCP status, but given that he has long opposed the use of Handicaps, the Official Scoring has Co-GPCs of Tim and Daryl. Their prize? Bragging rights.
For Group One, they had a good warm up round for Palm Springs which is quickly approaching.

The longest putt (from anywhere on the course) was taken by the host, Dale, with a 38’9″ putt on the 17th hole.
Prior to that putt falling, Tim had made a 31′ putt that was looking like the prize winner of the Nick Bosa SF 49er jersey….
Lary and Mark Childress each had sunk putts of ~21′ and 14′ respectively, but neither could not hold back the drama that unfolded late in the round.

One other reportable winner on a side bet in Group Two was Mark Childress with a closest to the pin earning him $3.00 on the 7th hole. I don’t have Mark’s C2P measurement, but if memory serves me it was about 20-25 feet from the pin.

Lots of fun guys. Until next year when we could consider playing in The City (Lincoln Park, or Presidio).