Gentlemen, this is Dale: Below is a short synopsis of the golf 5 of us played in Kauai last week; we played 4 of 6 days. There are a few holes on the prizes on Wednesday that I never got answers to and that’s my fault but it is what it is. This is mostly complete.
A five-member contingent of the Lake Chabot Golf Club (me, Rob, Marty, Dale, Lary) flew to Kauai in late September, 2019 to play the scenic Makai course in Princeville, together with a lesser known but fine layout called Puakea. In the six full days on the island we played four times, three at Makai, once at Puakea. Our second day at Makai we played 27 holes and agreed for cumulative low net purposes that we would use our two best scoring nines for our 18 hole score that day.

The off days were spent hiking, beaching and pooling in various combinations. We cooked dinner once and otherwise ate out or ordered in. We played Oh Hell! almost every day. It is a portable game. Copious—I mean copious—amounts of liquor were consumed. Party favors abounded among a subset of the contingent. Snacks were terrific.

We decided we would each kick in $60 for a total prize pool of $300 and split the money as follows:

Longest putt each day: $20 (total of $80)

Longest drive each day: $20 (total of $80)

Closest to any par 3 pin each day: $20 (total of $80)

Lowest net score (gross score minus handicap for all four days combined): ($60)

Here are the scores and the prize winners day by day; I have added a few personal observations at the end; feel free to add your own; I apologize in advance for what are sure to be errors in the score reporting:

Makai 1

Rob 107 Lary 101 Tim 103

Dale 103

Marty 115 Prizes LD: Lary 192, CTP: Dale 12’8″, LP Marty 58′


Rob 118 Lary 105 Tim 106

Dale 98

Marty 113 Prizes LD: Tim 175, CTP: Marty 31’8″, LP Marty 31’8″

Makai 2

Rob 110 Lary 99 Tim 108

Dale 104

Marty 126 Prizes LD: Tim 192, CTP: Dale ?, LP Dale ?

Mukai 2.5

Rob 59 Lary 52 Tim 51

Dale 51

Marty 56 Prizes n/a

Lowest 18 of the 27 holes from Mukai 2 and 2.5

Rob 110 Lary 99 Tim 104

Dale 102

Marty 110 Prizes n/a

Mukai 3

Rob 115 Lary 103 Tim 108

Dale 105

Marty 116 Prizes LD: Tim 234, CTP: Marty 10.3, LP Tim 42’8″

Low Cumulative Net for All Four Days:

Rob 107+118+110+115=450 Handicap: 30×4=120 Net Cume. Score=330

Lary 101+99+105+103=408 Handicap: 25×4=100 Net Cume. Score=308

Tim 103+106+104+108=421 Handicap: 25×4=100 Net Cume. Score=321

Dale 103+98+102+105=408 Handicap: 24×4=96 Net Cume. Score=312

Marty 115+113+110+116=454 Handicap: 32×4=128 Net Cume. Score=326

And the winner is….Lary, for $60 and overall the best playing of the week. And Rob, sorry, I thought your handicap was 31 in which case you would have beat Marty but alas, you came in last on net (but not gross) score. Golfers, feel free to add your own, but here were some of my personal takeaways from the golf:

*Makai was beautiful; loved the big expansive fairways. The grass was hard for me to adjust to, though.

*I never drove a single par 3 all week!

*The best part of my game by far was my driving and most else was mediocre. Not my usual result.

*Marty’s driving was super! The long drive I hit on Friday, at 234 yds, was a BB, as straight and hard and beautiful as I have ever hit in my life.

Dale F. Johnson