Participants and those who didn’t qualify for the 6th Annual 5-Club Tournament, held on August 24, 2019 at Canyon Lakes in San Ramon for the second time, here is your morning after RECAP:

Gross Scores from Best to Worst:

George: 46-43=89
John : 52-49=101
Dale : 55-47=102
Tim : 53-51=104
Matt : 58-51=109
Mark R : 56-59=115
Lary : 55-60=115
Marty : 58-60=118
Doug : 60-59=119
Mark C.: 58-63=121
Jason : 63-61=124

Stu did not keep score but hit magnificent 5 iron after magnificent 5 iron. Congrats to George for winning and having a particularly good back nine score while not hitting it his best according to him. Incredibly, the lowest four guys were all in the same group; that must have been a tortuous round of golf by four players to watch. I imagine you guys “fed” off each other’s shots! And yet, as revealed below, they were in the prize pool in a big way.

Four prizes were handed out, all slightly used Titlest ProV1 or ProV1x golf balls: (12 balls for the first 3 prizes, 45 balls for the GPC)

Longest putt: John, 57 feet 7 inches from off the green on No. 5, the first of the par 3s.

Longest drive: Mark C. on hole no. 8, taking it away from me and justifiably so as my drive was pretty effing poor. Mark’s drive was 15 yards past mine and probably only 190 yards.

Closest to the pin: Marty on hole no. 10 at 27 feet and 9 inches (I am guessing on the inches because I forget and it’s not on the card). This one really hurt as I was winning at 31 feet and 6 inches or something close to that until this abomination of a golf group arrived at the hole. George also put one on I think around 33 feet.

GPC this year was not total score though it would have turned out the same. The Grand Prize was for the best cumulative gross score on the 5 rather challenging par 3s at Canyon Lake. John looked like the early favorite after carding a 2 at the second par 3 but totaled 18 while George had a stellar performance on the par 3s with three pars and two bogies for a total of 18.

So, another year in the books, another year to contemplate the wrong 5 clubs to use for next year’s tournament. Thanks for joining.