2017 Results are in!

The rain held off, the course was soggy and it had a voracious appetite for all of our balls that plugged in the muck. Rob can attest that if you didn’t stand right over top of the ball your weren’t gonna see it. When you did lift your head up, the views from atop Holes 15, 16 and 17 were magnificent—west to The City and east to the verdant hills of Livermore.

Below are the final standings (HC in parentheses), gross scores (without the HC applied), and NET scores (with handicaps).

    1. GPC – Mark Childress (33) 95 (48+47) 62
    2. Bridesmaid – Tim Hale (25) 92 (44+48) 67
    3. Wanna Be – Jason Roberts (25) 99 (51+48) 74
    4. Woulda Been – Daryl Walker (10) 87 (43+44) 77
    5. Coulda Been – Mark Rose (32) 110 (57+53) 78
    6. Shoulda Been – Rob Hughes (27) 112 (53+59) 85
    7. Tweedle Dee – Jake Manzanares(25) 116 (58+58) 91
    8. Tweedle Dum – Dale Johnson (26) 117 (57+60) 91

We were off the course at ~1:00 and convened in the ClubHouse for libations, good honest ribbing and the typical hyperbolic inflation of the day’s great moments.

Tim won the closest to the pin prize with a lifetime best shot of 8’4” on Hole 17, the uphill 190 yard par 3 that historically psyches all of us out. Tim’s retelling of the shot, its flight, and how it ever avoided not going in the cup is indelibly etched in our minds.
Jason claimed the longest drive on the picturesque 15th Hole with a 200 yard tee shot. And finally, the longest putt went to Daryl on the 9th Hole with a putt of 32’3”.

But all glory on this day belonged to Mr Mark Childress. He was consistently knocking his approaches up onto the green or at least green side. And he did putt like a madman! Maybe it was the MoJo of last year’s psychedelic Jefferson Airplane SuperBowl teeshirt. Whatever it was, congratulations Mark, it was fun to watch you tear it up!… Realize though that now you’ve shown your true skill, I do believe the moniker of “Sand Bagger Vance” is yours forever.

Revelry continued at the after party/KickOff of the Super Bowl at Susan’s and Dale’s place. A raucous crowd of 14 to 15 folks plus three dogs ate, imbibed, shared lots of laughs and had a grand ole time. The Game? Outside of commercials and halftime shows, there were only a few paying scant attention to it. Our attention was captivated by catching up on stories, sharing time with one another, and ensuring that enough fun was had to repeat the event next year.

Dale F Johnson, PhD