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Here are the details for the Third Annual 5 Club Tournament. 

The event will be held on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at Poppy Ridge Golf Course in Livermore.  Most of us have played there several times before. They have 27 holes and will assign us to 2 of the nines when the tournament is closer.  It is on the pricey side: $97 (includes cart) unless you are a member of the Northern California Golf Ass’n (NCGA); I think a few might be, in which case it’s $81.  Still pricey, but I think it has to do with prime time Saturday slot at the beginning of Summer.  Anyway, it’s not pre-paid so arrive in time to handle the transaction.  

 Here are the groups and tee times:

 9:00  Dale, Matt, Marty, Stu

9:10  Tim, Justin, Jake, Mark R.

9:20  Daryl, Rob, BroJohn, Jason

 **Side Note: I looked back to my announcement last year for the tournament held at Canyon Lakes; it referred to the fact that they were opening a new brewery so we could drink craft beer after the game; well, Daryl and I just played there and the brewery is still far from completed.  Progress…Anyway, the only after party will be at the clubhouse at Poppy Ridge for anyone wanting to hang and hear the scores, grab their prizes and make fun of pretty much everyone, but certainly Jake.  

 As for prizes:

 1.  Grand Prize Champion: this is a lowest net score, based on a real handicap, which most have obtained through either The Grint application or otherwise.  You must establish one to compete for this prize and will need to give me your handicap about a week before the event.  I’ll send out a notice for that.

 2.  Par Three Champion: this prize goes to the player who hits the most par 3 greens with his tee shot; I am assuming there are 4 par 3’s on the course (I will verify as can anyone else).  The object is to drive every one of them with a shot that ends up on the green.  No, Rob, it doesn’t count if it touches the green but rolls off.  Any doubt as to whether a ball is on or off the green is decided in favor of “off.”  All 4 players in the group have to agree the ball is on the green for it to count.  And then you have to stand on one leg and yodel.  So, the best score you can get for this prize is 4.  If anyone gets 3 of 4 I will be impressed.  The tiebreaker is distance from the pin, so for drives you hit on to a par 3 green measure the distance to the flag–your CLOSEST one is your tiebreaker even if it’s on a different hole from the guy(s) you tie with.  

 3.  Longest Putt: the only requirement for this prize is that you knock the ball in the hole using your putter, on or off the green, farther than any other player.


 1.  Maximum is 8 on any hole!  Once you reach the max on a hole pick up to speed up play.  

 2.  Play ready golf; that means you hit when you get to your ball, not after everyone else behind you has hit.

 3.  One mulligan off the tee per nine.  No breakfast balls.

 4.  Gimmies ONLY on putts less than 1 foot long. 

 5.  Shots that go out of bounds, or OB (marked by white stakes), must be re-hit from original spot; you do not get to hit from where it went OB.  This is the rule from off the tee or anywhere else.  Shots hit into a hazard (marked by red stakes) can be hit from where the ball went into the hazard, no closer to the pin. If you are in a hazard but can still find and hit your ball you may do so, BUT you CANNOT ground your club behind the ball; hit it just as if you are in a sand trap. 

 6.  If your ball is far away from the cart, take several clubs so you are covered; don’t go look at the ball, then walk back to the cart to get a club, then back to the ball again.  This is a subset of Rule no. 2.  

 Let me know of any questions.