Hi All, 

The organizers of the Fall Classic, held this year in unison with the Bandon OR games held earlier this month, are announcing it’s 2017 winner. 

Based on the combined low handicapped score of all 3 courses played in Bandon, OR,  Bandon Trails, Old Macdonald, and Pacific Dunes, the 2017 winner is none other than our own Mark Childress (pictured 3rd from right).  Congratulations Mark! You may not have played as well on your Birthday as you had wished, but your play on day 1 and 2 put you in a winning position.

Scores below:

*Mark Childress: 223, Tim Hale: 226, Gary Forde: 236, Rob Hughes: 237, Jason Roberts: 239, Daryl Walker: 240, Matt Herman: 247, Marty Pell: 260


Special thanks to Rob Hughes for crunching the bulk of the numbers for these results.  Mark, we all fully expect your handicap to come down as a result of this big win, especially Tim!