If I may, I want to pass along (from Daryl, who else?) the Info club members need to get a handicap to qualify for winning most if not all of our club events. Visit The Grint .

Next just sign up for a free account. Once done: 1. Hit the Scores tab at top, 2. Once there, on the right near the top is a gray box that reads “add score”, hit that 3. Under Add score, hit the link that says “Total Round”4. Enter the date, the golf course (the grint has to recognize the course, and it will if you type in the name properly, tee (usually white), indicate 18, enter score in both the score box and the “ESC Score” (not sure what this¬† means, but never mind), 5. Hit Submit.¬† Enter as many scores as you know, there is no min/max, and The Grint will give you your handicap on your main dashboard. As John Hughes says, “it’s dead easy”. Thanks Daryl for the research to find such a great site. I have already entered my scrore from Robs B-day game, so I am up to date. Cheers and see you soon,