Bandon Dunes Trip Planned

The golf juices are flowing as a trip is being planned for the Oregon coast and Bandon Dunes, one of the top golf destination in the US. Yes it’s true. The impetus? Several upcoming birthday boys want to welcome their 6th decade in style with a trip to remember. Sure it’s expensive, sure it means 9 hours of driving one-way, sure it takes us away from our love ones, sure the logistics and the weather might be a nightmare. Yet the experience beckons to roam the pristine fairways and greens of the great northwest. One reviewer wrote: “Bandon is one of those places you hear about that can’t possibly live up to the hype. You know what I’m talking about: It sounds almost too good to be true — the courses are too pure, the weather too unpredictable, the setting too spectacular. Then you actually get there, and your impossibly high expectations are somehow exceeded.” So instead of dreading the big 60 birthday this year, some of us are actually looking forward to it because we’ll be with good friends chasing the little white (or yellow) ball around some beautiful scenery. Fore!