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CGC Goes to Hawaii!
Five Members of CGC are heading to Kauai in late September to play Makai (pictured) and Puakea Golf Courses. Laki maikaʻi with these courses guys!


The Rob Hughes Birthday Golf Tournament is held in the first week of January each year to commemorate, well, my birthday.

Grand Prize Champions Through the Years:

  1. 1999 # 41 Chabot, Oakland – Jake
  2. 2000 # 42 Mission Hills, Hayward – Brent
  3. 2001 # 43 No Records
  4. 2002 # 44 Chabot, Oakland – Jake
  5. 2003 # 45 No Records
  6. 2004 # 46 Tilden – Rob
  7. 2005 # 47 Groveland – Richard
  8. 2006 # 48 Alameda North – Matt
  9. 2007 # 49 Lincoln Park, SF – Bro John
  10. 2008 # 50 Tilden – Matt
  11. 2009 # 51 Alameda South – Banks
  1. 2010 # 52 Lema Long, SL – Daryl
  2. 2009 # 51 Alameda South – Banks
  3. 2010 # 52 Lema Long, SL – Daryl
  4. 2011 # 53 Chabot – Daryl
  5. 2012 # 54 Willow Park, CV – Dale
  6. 2013 # 55 Groveland – Jason
  7. 2014 # 56 Chabot – Matt
  8. 2015 # 57 Alameda North – Jake
  9. 2016 # 58 Poppy Ridge, Livermore – Tim
  10. 2017 # 59 Callippe, Pleasanton – Daryl
  11. 2018 # 60 Wente, Livermore – Rob (the birthday boy himself)
  12. 2019 #61 Alameda South – Rob (again!)

Super Bowl Open

The brainchild of our own Dr. Dale Johnson, we gather the morning of the big game with all the adrenaline we can muster and compete for the honor of being the golf champion of the day. Sometimes a bit of coin is wagered in the form of a Skins game format, other times just straight up scores. We never know as Dale is the ringmaster of this unwieldy group and calls the shots each year.

In a first, the 2019 version the Super Bowl Open was combined with Rob’s rained out B-day game, the results of which can be found in Club News. We look forward to the return of the 2020 Super Bowl Open under it’s own banner, befitting it’s semi-long and storied tradition in Chabot Golf Club’s history.

Tim’s Five Club Invitational was originally the Six Club Invitational. Then we figured out that 6 was one club too many. The third annual event will occur around June of 2017. Under this format each player can select 5 clubs with which to play the entire round; clubs cannot be exchanged, shared, etc. The Grand Prize Champion is measured by medal score, typically with our handicaps applied. Such a format is a far cry from playing a course with 14 permitted clubs; restricting the event to 5 clubs puts an emphasis on skill, adjustment and crazy ass shots. The reigning champion from 2016 is **** (I dont recall)

Note: Daryl is the 2018 winner of the 4th annual 5 Club, played at Canyon Lakes on June 9. In fact we may want to change the tourney name to “The Daryl” since he’s won 3 of the 4 times its been played. Dale captured the crown in 2016 we think. See the final scores from the 2018 edition here.

Fall Classic 2018, Blue Rock Course, Vallejo, CA

The “JMT Tournament of Birthday Champions” began in 2004 and celebrated the occasion of Jason’s, Mark’s, Tim’s and as it turns out, Dale’s birthday. Rebranding it as the “Fall classic” around 2009 was Tim’s idea. The name change gave the event more general appeal with the added benefit of reflecting another fall classic, the world series. Usually played the first few weeks in October, the FC is distinguished by fine weather and scoring optimism, real or imagined, for an end of season showdown.

The Fall Classic for 2018 was played at Blue Rock, Vallejo the foggy Saturday morning of October 20. Twelve players, Daryl, Justin, Bro John, Rob, Mark, Jason, Marty, Dave, Stu, Tim, Doug and George competed on a hilly course with spectacular views. Daryl, once handicaps were calculated by club scorekeeper Mark, walked off with a narrow victory over 2nd place and 3 shots back, Rob Hughes, followed 5 shots back by Tim. Well done laddies!

5-Club 2019

Participants and those who didn't qualify for the 6th Annual 5-Club Tournament, held on August 24, 2019 at Canyon Lakes in San Ramon for the second time, here is your morning after RECAP: Gross Scores from Best to Worst: George: 46-43=89 John : 52-49=101 Dale :...

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Results from the 2018 5 Club Tournament

All, the results are in for the 4th Annual 5 Club Tournament, played June 9 at Canyon Lakes. Like the Warriors, who have won 3 championships in 4 years, Daryl became a threepeat winner of this event in the last 4 years. Good news, though, he's moving to San...

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2017 Super Bowl Game Results

2017 Results are in! The rain held off, the course was soggy and it had a voracious appetite for all of our balls that plugged in the muck. Rob can attest that if you didn’t stand right over top of the ball your weren’t gonna see it. When you did lift your head up,...

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Bandon Dunes Trip Planned The golf juices are flowing as a trip is being planned for the Oregon coast and Bandon Dunes, one of the top golf destination in the US. Yes it's true. The impetus? Several upcoming birthday boys want to welcome their 6th decade in style with...

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Hawaii Golf Countdown

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The origin of Chabot Golf Club, according to club historian Rob Hughes, began around 1982 and was named the Nor-Cal/Chabot Disc Golf Club. Rob, Jake, Jason and Brent loved disc golf and played whenever possible, often doubling as babysitting duty with small children in tow. Soon we enticed others to join our decidedly bohemian outings and competed on select Bay Area courses.

The group slowly evolved to “Ball Golf” sometime in the late 80’s, early 90’s, though as of this writing, the specifics of the transition are hazy. It perhaps occurred from a desire to try something new and more socially popular. We played both games for a time and eventually decided the classic game presented more of a challenge and served to expand the participation of others. The group expanded, mostly from the social circles of Rob and Jake, which largely brings us to the present day.

Annual tournaments keep the group connected, with many foursomes in between. A recent transition to a handicapped scoring system has expanded our list of tournament winners, and new players brought in by current club members are heartily welcome, ringers excluded!

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